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Titus G13 - Fit over Rx glasses (OTG) ANSI Z87 rated safety glasses

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TITUS G13 OTG Safety Glasses High Definition Blue Blocking Amber

  • Titus Full Wrap Around One Piece Lens, Fits Over 99.9% Of Rx Glasses
  • Perfect For Riding, Shooting, and General Safety
  • Amber Impact/Scratch Resistant, UV400 Shatterproof Optical Grade Poly-carbonate Lenses
  • DOT Approved for motorcycling, ANSI & CE Approved as protective safety Glasses. Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 & Z80.3 Standards
  • One Piece Lens With Full Side Protection

✘ Features:

     ➢Protect Those Eyes - UV400 Lenses block 100% ultraviolet rays UVA & UVB

     ➢Titus Quality - Unbreakable optical grade polycarbonate lens. Hard coated to resist glare and scratches.

     ➢Wrap Around One Piece Lens - OTG (Over The Glasses) Safety lens that fits over 99.9% of Rx glasses. One piece wrap around lens offers a distortion free viewing experience.

     ➢Exceeds ANSI Z87.1, DOT approved, and conforms to CE EN166

Frame Dimensions
    Length : 5 3/4 - 6 1/8"
    Width : 6 1/4"
    Height : 2 3/8"

✘ Protecting your eyes when you need it!
     ✔ Shooting ranges
     ✔ Skeet shooting
     ✔ Hunting
     ✔ Riding
     ✔ Construction
     ✔ Airport work
     ✔ Workshop
     ✔ Auto shop