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Titus Onyx 37 NRR - Quality Hearing Protection EarMuff

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TITUS Highest Available Noise Reduction Rated (NRR) Earmuffs

✘ Features:

➢Quality Hearing Protection - 37NRR - excellent noise reduction, with a durable construction ready for use and abuse.
➢Comfort For The User - Adjustable over ear cup design, with pull struts for size control. Making it perfect to fit over hats and glasses.
➢Soft Padded Ear Cushions - Satisfy your ears! All padding is hypo-allergenic, skin safe, organic material that is free of SVHC's (substances of very high concerns) meeting all U.S., European, and other worldwide product safety standards.
➢ANSI S3.19, CE EN 352-1, and OSHA approved.

✘ Preserving your hearing when you need it!
✔ Shooting ranges ✔ Hunting ✔ Industrial work ✔ Construction
✔ Skeet shooting  ✔ Airport work ✔ Workshop ✔ Auto shop ✔ Any loud atmosphere