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Titus G6 Edge Safety Glasses Lab Shooting Eyewear Motorcycle Eye Protection ANSI Z87

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TITUS G6 Safety Glasses Clear Full Side Shield

  • Classic Impact Resistant Frame, Four Position Adjustable Stems, Integrated Side Shields, Fit over smaller rx glasses. Perfect for Riding, Shooting, Lab and General Safety Appropriate to DOT Standards for Motorcycling, ANSI Compliant as Protective Safety Glasses.
  • Anti-Glare, Impact Resistant, Hard Coated Optical Grade Polycarbonate Lens offers 100% UVA & UVB UV400 Protection
  • All models meet and exceed Z87+ Standards **Please note**, “ANSI Z87+” is currently embossed ONLY on Smoke & Yellow . (ALL OTHER MODELS have been recently tested to pass Z87+ but still have old Z87.1 markings (we are currently retooling for future release)
  • One Piece Lens with Integrated Side Shields L 5 3/8" – 6 1/8” X H 2 1/8” X W 6" SVHC-free, Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturer’s Defects, Titus Since 2009

Medium Yellow:  Enhances contrast in low light or overcast conditions.  Intensifies orange clay targets & pigeons. Gives a clean HD view.  Excellent for motorcycling, driving, shooting, skiing, tennis, and video gaming. Filters out blue light from computer screens and other electronic devices that can cause eye fatigue and headaches.

Medium Smoke:  Perfect general use lens, super bright conditions, reduces eye fatigue, minimizes glare; especially off water. Transmits all colors at the same level.

Clear:  Lets in over 90% light and great for poor lighting conditions. (CLR, BIF, GK1)

Vivid Blue: Highlights greens, excellent in snowy or foggy conditions. Reduces glare, enhances color perception.  Excellent for fishing, water sports, winter sports, golfing, shooting, and more.

IR #3: IR Green Shade lenses for infrared protection. Shade level 3 is designed for light to medium soldering, brazing, cutting or welding. These lenses do not provide adequate protection for an arc welder but do offer good protection from nearby flash or exposure. Many welders use in conjunction with a hand shield or hood/helmet/mask.

Laser Red: Laser enhancement glasses increase visibility of red-beam lasers especially helpful in daylight.