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TITUS CSE Push-Start Propane Torch

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  • Easy to use wand and handle design for full control
  • Push-start ignition system keeps you safely away from the flame
  • Adjustable flow-rate valve allows for customized use
  • Item length is 36 inches from handle to head and includes a 6.5 foot hose
  • For maximum performance, torch should be used with a full propane tank

Push start Propane Torch Ideal for melting ice on sidewalks and driveways/Grass and weed removal/ Paint removal/ Roofing shingle softener. Attaches easily to a standard propane tank including units with the new OPD valve. Wand comes with a flow valve and turbo blast trigger for maximum flame and temperatures over 3000° F! *Warning: Improper use of this unit can lead to injury and damage to this unit or items around it. This is a professional tool. We recommend all new users read and understand the included directions prior to utilizing this product. For optimum performance, users should utilize a tank that is at least 50% full.